Author: Chris Wilkins
Series: Handar, 1

fantasy, 358 pages, $1.33 (50% discount) , 0 reads

A betrayed soldier with a loyal wife and a kingdom to save. A treacherous king. An orc general who d.....More

Series: Raniss, 1

fantasy, 50 pages, $0.19 (50% discount) , 3 reads

Raniss finds out drinking and wenching can have its pitfalls. Sometimes the most gorgeous women can .....More

Series: Raniss, 2

fantasy, 136 pages, $0.54 (50% discount) , 0 reads

When children of Skystead go to see their local lord, they never come back. When Raniss finds this o.....More

Stand alone story, 1

short story, 12 pages, $0.04 (50% discount) , 1 reads

The army marches. It never eats. It never sleeps. It never stops. It is coming for you.

Series: The Nanos, 1

young adult, 255 pages, $1.01 (50% discount) , 0 reads

Lauren doesn’t want to go into the army. She wants to be an architect, designing beautiful buildings.....More