About us

Reading books and stories has gone through a massive evolution in the 21st century. In the good old days print publishers would have to lay out the book, guess how many copies they would need, print and distribute the book, and market it to readers at a vastly inflated price to cover the cost of the whole publishing and distribution process.

Digital publishing and e-books didn’t change this much, as a few mighty platforms and publishers quickly dominated the market and price gauged both authors and readers.

Story Ocean makes full use of the internet and all its instant digital publishing capabilities: no formatting, no bespoke software or apps, no printing or logistics. As a result authors can now sell their stories at very reasonable rates AND keep the majority of the revenue rather than handing it over to digital publishers and platforms. What’s more, Story Ocean comes with integrated safeguards against plagiarism and theft.

Readers can now buy great stories at a great price, independent of devices or apps. Instantly.

If you have any questions about any of what we do at Story Ocean please email contact@storyocean.com.